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Make Your Life Better This Year: 35 Simple Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Life by Kia Wakefield



Make Your Life Better This Year: 35 Simple Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Life by Kia Wakefield

Published: November 11, 2017

Publisher: Kindle Edition

Pages: 103

Genres: non fiction, self help

Rating: 3 stars

Recommend to fans of: short books to live your best life, concrete steps to make you happier, working on yourself

Read with food: healthy, tasty, easy to prepare breakfast to jump start your day



Make Your Life Better This Year provides dozens of ways to transform every area of your life. In this book, you’ll learn creative and practical ways to increase your quality of life and become a better person.



I won this book for free through Goodreads Giveaways. Thank you to Goodreads, the publisher and author for an ebook copy. As always, an honest review from me.

Make Your Life Better This Year consists of 35 concrete ways to improve your life. Each explanation is a few pages long. Sometimes with examples included. Some suggestions are incredibly obvious and have heard it from almost everyone. Others are a bit more unique. Almost all are helpful to improve your life.

I definitely took a lot of notes, for my book review and others just for me. I plan on implementing some of the suggestions in my own life. They’re not necessarily brand new ideas or even actions I haven’t done before, but more like good habits I’ve gotten out of doing. Such habits include meditation, journaling, and using the Pomodoro technique for productivity. I even learned a few new things too.

However, some of the ideas won’t work for me or most other people, in my opinion. To each their own I guess. Certain suggestions if taken very literally could be harmful. Such as, ignore your feelings and eat the same foods for one meal a day for several weeks. So be sure to use common sense when implementing any of these ideas in your life. Also the book is too brief to go in depth into most of the actions. It’s a good inspirational read, especially if you’re already familiar with the techniques suggested. If you aren’t familiar with them, you’ll be doing more research.

Overall, the book is good motivation to get back into the good habits you’ve slipped up on doing. It’s not a book for beginners to completely change their lives with. Good but I wish there was more in depth content of the suggested actions to be truly effective.


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Seriously Underrated Books – less than 100 ratings

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Photo by Thijs van der Weide on Pexels.com


Scrolling through my Read List on Goodreads, I realized that I have read a lot of underrated books. Or at least books that many people haven’t taken the time to give a star rating. Now obviously Goodreads is not the only place to determine if a book is popular or not. But it is where I add, rate, and review books that I read.


Since I tend to read somewhat eclectically, there were way too many books to recommend all at once. I’ve split it into 3 categories. Over the coming few weeks, look out for more posts in this series of underrated books. 


Right now I will introduce you to books I’ve enjoyed, but have less than 100 ratings on Goodreads. 


Room for Another Heart by Yvonne C. Hebert

A heartwarming story about love, loss and filled with the sweetest dogs.


Most Precious Blood by Vince Sgambati

A wonderful coming of age story about an Italian American teenager in New York. Struggles with family, sexuality, and the future fill the story with important conversations. 


Unfinished: A Personal Journey of Healing, Self-Discovery and Resilience by Isana

The story of a child growing up in an abusive home, who learns to do what’s best for herself as an adult. Wonderful strength, courage and hope throughout.


Floating: A Life Regained by Joe Minihane

A transcendent memoir about the discovery and life changing benefits of wild swimming. The descriptions of swimming outside across the English countryside are absolutely unbeatable. 


Running for Yellow by Christina Varrasso

The journey of one woman’s self discovery balanced against the life others want for her. Gorgeous, sweet, romantic. A perfect blend of old world European and modern day American vibes. 


A Perfect Universe: Ten Stories by Scott O’Connor 

Engaging short stories of ordinary people in ordinary situations. The cumulative result is anything but ordinary. Wonderful inner monologue with a unique perspective into the characters’ lives. 


When It Counts by Lauren Hopkins 

A well written, dynamic novel that follows 3 gymnasts trying to make the Olympic team. Authentic and without any of the over the top drama that many young adult sports books contain. 


I highly recommend that you give some of these underrated books a read. Click the titles to be redirected to Goodreads for a full summary. Enjoy!


Let me know which of these books you’re adding to your TBR list!


Also, look out for more posts in the series . . .

next up: Underrated Books with less

than 500 ratings