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What You Missed Wednesdays – Self Help Edition

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What You Missed Wednesdays is exactly as it sounds!

Book reviews of each week’s genre of choice that you might have missed, and I think you should really hear about.

3 Books a Week with 3 Words/Phrases to Describe Them 

Click on the title of each book to be taken to my full review.

I hope you find new books that you’re excited to add to your TBR!



Rage Becomes Her: The Power of Women’s Anger by Soraya Chemaly 

5/5 stars

My must read book of the year, incredibly validating, necessary for women who are caregivers



The 1% Rule: How to Fall in Love with the Process and Achieve Your Wildest Dreams by Tommy Baker

4/5 stars

Practical steps, business goals and success, highly motivated



Gratitude for Happiness: How to Exercise Your Gratitude Muscles by Ged Cusack

4.5/5 stars

Practical, finding your gratitudes, self care 


Well there you have it!

Another edition of What You Missed Wednesdays.

Keep coming back each Wednesday for more Can’t Miss Books!

Which book(s) are you now adding to your TBR?

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ARC Review | Challenging the Doctor by Patricia Fischer



Challenging the Doctor by Patricia Fischer

Published: September 6, 2018

Publisher: Tule Publishing

Pages: 224

Genres: contemporary romance, romance

Recommend to fans of: medical romances, the author Candace Calvert, contemporary romance, happily ever afters

Foodie Vibes: homemade chocolate delicacies from the local shop



After a near-career ending event, ER doctor Edmund Davidson relocates to Marietta, Montana, hoping it’s the fresh start he needs. Edmund settles in quickly to life in a small town and thrives in his role as the new ER doc. He especially enjoys sparing with the gorgeous, smart, and headstrong nurse practitioner. Jade intrigues him like no women he’s ever met, but he can’t help feel that she’s burdened by a dark secret.

Jade Phillips wants to reboot her life after losing out on a promotion to head the ER to a newcomer, Edmund’s sister, Lucy. As Jade attempts to focus on selling her father’s place and close a painful chapter of her life, she discovers evidence of a dark secret. Jade finds herself in trapped between family loyalty and personal devastation. She knows her attraction to Edmund and her secrets could put them both in jeopardy, but when Edmund saves her brother’s life, she realizes she has to trust someone.

Edmund soon realizes he’s emotionally in too deep with Jade. He wants to protect her, but he’s professionally on thin ice already. If he doesn’t reveal her secret, their separate pasts can destroy both of their careers. But can he betray the woman he loves to protect himself? Or will he risk it all, even his heart?



Thank you to NetGaley, Tule Publishing and Patricia Fischer for an ebook copy to review. As always, an honest review from me.

My actual rating is 3.5 stars, but since there aren’t half star ratings I always round up.

Challenging the Doctor is a contemporary romance set in a small town with a medical backdrop. Medical books, romance or not, are always a hit with me, so add in the feel good romance with a happily ever after. That’s going to make me a happy lady.

Edmund is the main love interest. He’s new to town, a doctor, and an honest to goodness good guy. The romance is also quite steamy. A perfect mix of passion and sweetness.

The medical settings and small town vibe also add to the appeal. The upscale diner food sounds amazing. The vibe is a bit like Candace Calvert’s books except more sexy times and less religion. Bonus points for Fred the dog, who is so dang cute? Also Edmund has social anxiety, so that’s some nice representation. It would have been better if they went more in depth in his struggles. However, it’s a romance novel, so I get why it wasn’t a main focus.

The let downs in the book include the classic eye rolling line about how most women aren’t like her. Problematic for so many reasons that I’m not going to go into right now. Also some of the other tropes felt a little old and overused. Fro example her in trouble with the law brother to stir up drama. But yet the guy likes her anyways, despite her worries.

Overall, an enjoyable read that’s perfect for taking your mind off the stresses of life.


Which setting is your favorite for a romance novel?

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50 Little Things That Make Me Happy

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I first saw this post over at Reader Voracious Blog  and loved it! I often share #MyDailyGratitude on Twitter, so I was really excited to think about 50 things that make me happy. I find it’s so important to appreciate the small things in life. Focusing on the good helps to change my perspective and keep my mood looking towards the positive. 

So here’s my list of 50 little things that make me happy . . . 

  1. my cats ~ so sweet
  2. my sister’s cats ~ so quirky 
  3. a cool breeze on a hot summer day
  4. dark chocolate
  5. books
  6. writing bookish blog posts
  7. the joy of sharing positive content with others
  8. my pretty planner
  9. gorgeous flowers constantly in bloom
  10. my favorite rose ~ smells amazing!
  11. candles ~ hello Pink Sands from Yankee Candle!
  12. Law & Order SVU 
  13. Criminal Minds
  14. ER ~ the tv show
  15. my favorite old comfy chair
  16. sitting outside to read
  17. enjoying the beauty and serenity of nature
  18. the autumn leaves changing colors
  19. iced or hot green tea
  20. lavender essential oil
  21. peppermint essential oil
  22. my mom
  23. finding the perfect pen
  24. the perfect book, movie or tv show at the right emotional moment
  25. yoga pants
  26. growing vegetables indoors during witner
  27. fresh herbs ~ hello, basil, sage and parsley!
  28. chocolate mint that I use to make soap
  29. positively impacting people’s lives
  30. sweet & salty kettle corn with peanuts
  31. watching the butterflies outside
  32. guided meditation
  33. learning new things 
  34. sunny but cool days
  35. not having to take care of others for a bit
  36. rest and relaxation
  37. cozy blankets
  38. yummy desserts
  39. strawberries and homemade whipped cream
  40. helpful, kind people
  41. watching my little plants grow into something pretty or delicious
  42. the colors red, pink and purple
  43. coconut oil lotion
  44. the hummingbird that’s been visiting lately
  45. restful night’s sleep
  46. watching my cats enjoy their catnip plant
  47. my adorable cat forming his paw into a hook shape to pull his treats closer to him while eating
  48. photography
  49. lists and post it notes
  50. interesting PBS programs 


It was such a joy to create this list. A wonderful reminder of all that there is to be thankful for each day! 

I would love to hear what makes you happy. Leave your joy in the comments or even make your own blog post. Have a wonderful day!