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The Master Plan: My Journey from Life in Prison to a Life of Purpose by Chris Wilson | New Release #BookReview



The Master Plan: My Journey from Life in Prison to a Life of Purpose by Chris Wilson

Published: February 5, 2019 

Publisher: G.P. Putnam’s Sons

Pages: 432 

Genres: non fiction, memoir, business

Rating: 5 stars 

Recommend to fans of: inspirational memoir, lifelong learning

Foodie Vibes: healthy food choices: high quality protein, vegetables, minimal sugar and junk food 



The inspiring, instructive, and ultimately triumphant memoir of a man who used hard work and a Master Plan to turn a life sentence into a second chance.

Growing up in a tough Washington, D.C., neighborhood, Chris Wilson was so afraid for his life he wouldn’t leave the house without a gun. One night, defending himself, he killed a man. At eighteen, he was sentenced to life in prison with no hope of parole.

But what should have been the end of his story became the beginning. Deciding to make something of his life, Chris embarked on a journey of self-improvement–reading, working out, learning languages, even starting a business. He wrote his Master Plan: a list of all he expected to accomplish or acquire. He worked his plan every day for years, and in his mid-thirties he did the impossible: he convinced a judge to reduce his sentence and became a free man. Today Chris is a successful social entrepreneur who employs returning citizens; a mentor; and a public speaker. He is the embodiment of second chances, and this is his unforgettable story.



I won this book for free from Goodreads Giveaways. Thank you to Goodreads, G.P. Putnam’s Sons and Chris Wilson for an ARC copy. As always, an honest review from me.


  • I learned a lot — about the prison system, prison life, growing up with limited resources, fear, too few positive role models, a system that works against you. Basically so many of the things I was fortunate enough to not have to experience while growing up. 
  • Gives actual insight into the day to day experiences of so many kids experiencing the same things as him


  • The hard work he puts into his life
  • Inspiring story — including all the steps and setbacks that have led to his success and happiness
  • Hes a lifelong learner
  • His Master Plan: so poignant, applicable, and helpful for many people 
  • He wrote his book to be an inspiration, a guide to those people with his experiences that don’t have it all figured out yet.
  • Couldn’t stop reading it 
  • Well written and relatable 
  • Business oriented but still very approachable


  • The prison system doesn’t set people up for success when they get out – desperately needs changing 

Wish that:

  • Many people take his book and life teachings to heart, so they can improve their lives like they so deserve.

Overall, a really great book that I’ve already been recommending to other people. 


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