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New Release | Taming Fire by Leora Gonzalez



Taming Fire by Leora Gonzalez

Published: November 27, 2018

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation

Pages: 191 

Genres: romance, contemporary romance, women’s fiction

Rating: 3 stars

Recommend to fans of: streamy firefighter romances, aggressive men, women who learn to stand up for themselves

Foodie Vibes: wine and fried chicken – both feature during significant events




Yoga instructor Louise Pine is the ultimate caretaker. Everyone around her seems to have an emergency, but Lou hasn’t met a fire she couldn’t put out—until she’s faced with the hunky, bossy firefighter who crashes into her own backyard—and her life. No one tells Lou what to do, yet somehow the guy’s take-charge style makes her tingle . . .


Phoenix “Nix” Jones is used to calling the shots, whether he’s dealing with his younger siblings or taking on a dangerous blaze. Luckily, the fire at Lou’s is a false alarm. But the heat the fit and feisty woman ignites is far from dying out . . .


As the sparks turn into 5-alarm passion, can two strong-willed people end up engulfed by love—or will they crash and burn?



Thank you to NetGalley, Kensington Publishing Corporation and Leora Gonzalez for an ARC ebook copy to review. As always, an honest review from me.

Taming Fire is certainly an intense steamy romance that at times almost borders on erotica — at least I think so, based on never having read it before. It was a bit more than I bargained for. Let’s just say that Nix likes things rough, is dominant, and aggressive at times. He knows what he wants and communicates that to his partner, but it’s not for me. Also Nix is very presumptuous that Louise will like him and the things that he enjoyed. This is explained later, so we learn to understand him more. Also the descriptions of women’s bodies, “fat” or “thin” sometimes worked and many times didn’t. 

Now onto the things that I did like. Louise’s family takes advantage of her generosity and kindness. I’m glad the book focused on her learning to stand up for herself. Louise as a person is wonderful. I would love to read even more about her, not necessarily with the romance. 

Overall, I enjoyed many aspects of the book, but was put off by some of the bedroom happenings. Maybe it’s for you though. Not for me, but I can still recommend it to others. 


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